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How to choose a children's bike2020.10.30
Children bicycle brand type so much, the price also is, how can we give her to choose a suitable bike? We choose and children bicycle we need to consider what factors:
1. The size of the bicycle
The size of the bicycle, have a plenty of according to the height of the bicycle frame, have a plenty of according to the diameter of the bicycle wheels. Size selection for bicycle, it is better to take the child to the entity shop to feel the height, if sitting in the car, can feet natural down, and your feet can feet flat on the ground, the knee to bend slightly, that height is appropriate.
2. The weight of the bike
Bicycle body weight mainly depends on the body material, metal material, the price is expensive, more durable, but for children, the weight of the bike control 50% of body weight in children is best. Economic strength permitting, carbon fiber material is the best choice, light weight, good quality.
3. Bicycle brakes
Let the child to choose suits own brake, to be able to a good grasp of the brake.
4. Bicycle handlebar and seat of distance
Most comfortable riding distance is a child sitting in the car, upper body erect posture should be slightly forward, both hands hold the handlebar, the elbow is slightly curved radian. If arms straight to hold handlebar, it means the handlebars and seat distance is too wide, or handlebar height slightly shorter, cause children can't comfortable ride. Now, of course, children bicycles, mostly through adjust the height of the handlebars and seat, to to meet the needs of children in different periods of cycling.
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