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What are the DOS and don 'ts when buying a balanced bicycle for children2020.09.25

1. Brand, appearance and design

First of all, to choose the national "CCC" certified brand products, including product name, enterprise information, main materials, applicable age and other factors, do not buy "three nothing" products. Never buy uncertified products just for the sake of cheap, otherwise it may endanger the safety of children. In addition, mainstream competitions do not accept fake brands with unreliable quality.

The exterior basically is color, modelling, this everybody buys according to children's be fond of ok.

As for the design, the child balance car should have safety design parts, such as anti-collision buffer design; There should be no dangerous cracks between the wheel and the frame to prevent children from accidentally sticking their hands into the cracks; Small parts of the car should be taken care of to prevent accidental ingestion, and sharp or rough edges can endanger children's health.

2, size

Size is the most important factor to consider when buying a child's balance car. Despite the slogan "one car is enough", the reality is that the same car is not enough for 18 months and six years old. Tire size and seat height are two factors to consider before making a decision. If parents are worried about buying online, it's best to go to a physical store and try it first.

3, tire

The tires of a child's balancing car determine how smooth, how cushioned, and how well the child can hold the ground in a variety of motion scenarios. At present, the mainstream of the market has five types of tires, according to the price from high to low in order: big Apple, ordinary inflatable, solid rubber, EVA foam, hard plastic.

4, weight,

In general, a lighter child balance car is better than a heavier one. This is especially true for babies around 2 years old. A lighter balanced car is easier to control, and if it is too heavy, it can be dangerous to fall down. It is generally recommended that the weight of a balanced car should not exceed 30% of the child's weight.

5. Frame materials

The common material of balanced car frame is metal frame, composite frame and wooden frame. Metal is the most common, the general choice of aluminum can be.

6, brake

The brake is a relatively important part, but it is a little awkward in China, because some competitions are not allowed to install the brake system, which requires parents to balance the advantages and disadvantages themselves. When buying a balanced car, you can consider whether the bike can be modified brake system later. Parents who like DIY can install it at the appropriate time.

7. Handlebar steering Angle limit

Mainstream brands currently support 360-degree turns to prevent babies from hitting their limbs and chest when they fall to the ground. But just beginning of the baby to pay attention to avoid the occurrence of too sharp turn.

8, bearing

The bearings of a child's balancing bicycle determine the speed and smoothness with which the tire rotates around its axis. The sealed bearing has a rubber seal around it to prevent water, dirt and dust from entering the bearing. As a result, a bicycle with a sealed bearing will experience less friction as it rotates. Less friction means your child will enjoy a smoother ride at faster speeds. Sealed bearings are considered more high-end features, but they are also more expensive. In short, sealed bearings are "nice" and not required.

9. Flush, round and cover bolts

Over time, exposed bolts can scratch a child's inner leg. So, if possible, choose a covered, circular or recessed bolt. Try to avoid buying a child balance car with the first bolt in the picture below.

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