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How to classify the bicycle seat2020.07.02

At present, the seat cushion of a bicycle can be divided into two types. The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Narrow and elongated hard seat cushion

This narrow stiff seat, commonly found on sports bikes, is designed for high-speed cruising. The wide seat pad tends to rub against the inside of the thigh when pedaling fast and the pain also affects the pedaling so the design is long and narrow. Soft cushion cannot hold the body steadily to affect trample efficiency butt is like to be stuck in sofa same, soft seat cushion and butt contact area big step fast, butt has been moving but because of excessive friction and pain, hard cushion suits fast trample action more.

2. Large and soft cushion

Comfort cushions are more common on entry-level or leisure-oriented bikes designed for slow cruising. The wide design allows the seat cushion to have a large and average support area between the butt, the soft cushion can provide better comfort due to the casual orientation of the pedal movement, do not have to consider the wide and soft cushion is not suitable for high-speed pedal factors.


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