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Notes for buying children's bicycles2019.11.21

Notes for buying children's bicycles

Let children learn to ride a bike can exercise the body, learn balance skills, develop extracurricular hobbies, benefits. However, there are still a lot of parents are at a loss about the purchase of children's bicycles. First, they do not know the size of children's bicycles, and second, they are not clear about the price and brand of children's bicycles. After all, buggy is not like mountain bike, car racing, the cost of many are not too different. And a lot of children bicycle when choose and buy is not a parent to decide, but the child is decided, photograph medium the design of some buggy, cannot by parent you. So what do parents need to pay attention to when buying children's bicycles for their children?

1. The wheel diameter shall prevail. What say normally 12 inches (inch), 16 inches, 20 inches are the diameter that points to wheel, inch is to point to inch, every inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters, so the wheel diameter of 16 inches bicycle should be 40.6 centimeters, the wheel diameter of the biggest 29 inches bicycle should be 73.7 centimeters.

2. The label is subject to the height of the frame. In addition to bicycle models based on wheel diameter, there is a concept based on frame height. The height of the frame starts at the bottom of the pedal and ends at the top of the seat pole. Typical adult models range from 15 to 22 inches.

3. Whether it is based on the wheel diameter or the height of the frame, the bike model is mainly used to indicate the height of the bike. Of course, taller bikes tend to be longer and have wider handlebars.

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