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How do I clean and maintain your air cylinder and nozzle2021.02.27

I do not know that your air cylinder in use for a period of time, ten will not lock the inner tube air nozzle or the true air nozzle or leakage phenomenon? Or through outdoor use, lead to small sand into the air nozzle and affect the smoothness of use?

Today, I'm going to share with you how to clean and maintain your air cylinder and nozzle.

First, remove the air nozzle from the trachea and simply turn it down counterclockwise.

The gas nozzle is then decomposed. The cap must be removed first and can usually be pulled down directly. If it is too tight, you can use cloth to pack the outer cover, and use pliers to clamp the outer cover and rotate counterclockwise. Remove the outer cover after the internal parts can be removed in turn. If the firing pin can't come out, just pinch it with a sharp-nosed pliers.

Then it's time to check the internal parts of the nozzle. Usually a leak or loose lock is due to wear of the second and third rubber sleeve on the right. If the wear is more serious, there is no need to maintain, directly replace the repaired parts. Usually the entire nozzle assembly is replaced.

If the rubber sleeve wear is not very serious, then the parts are cleaned with paper in turn, and installed back in order. The direction of the two rubber sleeves should be paid attention to during installation.

Next, I will share the maintenance process of EZ conversion air nozzle. Because EZ gas nozzle has parts sliding during the conversion process, after a period of use, the conversion may not be so moist, so it needs oiling after cleaning. Choose silicone oil to lubricate the front fork.

First remove the outer cover on both sides, the outer cover of the EZ air nozzle is easier to remove, and it can be directly rotated down. And then you can pull out the whole set of internal parts.

After decomposition, use paper to clean the oil stains on the two gas heads and the middle connectors. Gas head is also a wear part, if the wear is large, it is recommended to replace. After cleaning, assemble the air head and connector, and coat the surface of the middle connector with silicone oil.

Then it's time to put the internal components back in. Obsessive-compulsive patients need to pay attention to the air nozzle cover has the English of the American mouth and the French mouth, and it needs to be installed on the side of the corresponding air nozzle head. It is not so exquisite if it is installed casually, anyway, it is to rely on color to remember. With the new silicone oil, the nozzle-switching is actually smoother.

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