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What should parents pay attention to when their children ride bicycles2020.12.17

Note for parents:

In order to protect the safety of children in cycling, according to national standards, children's bicycles must be equipped with auxiliary wheels. Therefore, parents should not take off the balance wheel of the bicycle without authorization.

Children's bicycle can only be used as a toy for children's outdoor activities, not as a means of transportation for children riding on the road.

If your child is young, be sure to have someone with you on the bike.

Do not let your child ride in a crowded area, and do not let him ride with children on the road while talking or racing bike.

Bikes also need maintenance. So check his bike frequently to see if the tyres are properly inflated, if the brakes are working and if the screws are loose. Especially children do not ride for a long time to take out again, be sure to check carefully.

Don't get ahead of yourself when buying a car. Some parents think their children grow faster and ride longer with a bigger bike. In fact, it is not advisable to do so, because such a car is beyond the control of the child, which is not only difficult to ride, but also dangerous in case of emergency, which he cannot cope with.

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