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What should a child pay attention to when riding a bicycle2020.12.17

Children should pay attention when riding bicycles:

1. Pay attention when cycling, don't look around.

2. Ride by the side of the road, not in the middle. Try to ride in a straight line so that others can judge and steer clear.

3. Don't ride a bike with your kids, and don't ride a bike with them.

4. If you are not proficient in getting on and off the bus, and your parents are not around, ask other adults for help.

5. If the wheel gets stuck by a stick or twig, don't put your hand into the wheel and try to get the twig out. Let mom or Dad handle it.

6. If you are about to fall, don't care about the bike. Make sure you are on your feet. If you can't stand steady, try to support the floor with your hands.

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