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What should pump pay attention to when choosing2020.11.24

What other details should you pay attention to when choosing a pump?

General bicycle air nozzle is divided into American air nozzle, and French air nozzle, so the market pump is mostly made of two kinds of air nozzle are applicable to double head, double hole type dual-use mouth, if the pump only American mouth, then the car must prepare the American turn French air nozzle adapter.

The tube of pump tube is plastic and aluminium alloy more, the pump of plastic tube material is light and cheap, the high temperature that produces because of friction is easy nevertheless and change, aluminium alloy still is the mainstream of present market.

Whether smart mouth or a traditional wind mouth, use for a long time will have the same bad, pump is good play, wrap also accounted for a very important factor, to pay attention to whether accord with human body engineering, the general is to do the wrap 90 degrees to receive us, have launched bilateral wrap, the design of the two-way cheer, cool, prior to the actual operation of choose and buy, try it and see what kind of more convenient to use.

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