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How should buggy choose and buy2020.11.24

Generally speaking, you should pay attention to the following matters when buying a buggy:

1. The instruction is the best teacher. You should check whether the product has the instruction when you buy it, and use and maintain the product in strict accordance with the instruction to ensure the safety of the use process.

2. Try to choose a buggy with a single function. A buggy with a single function is relatively scientific and reasonable in structure design. In contrast, a product of two or more than one sometimes gives way to one.

3. Different types of strollers have different requirements. Strollers include children's bicycles, children's tricycles, children's strollers and baby walkers. In real life, according to different growth stages and needs of children, choose and buy different kinds of buggy.

4. The age range for children is 4 ~ 8 years old. Choose a bike of appropriate size based on the age and height of children.

5. Pay attention to the size of the handbrake handle when choosing the handbrake. If the size is too large, the child may not hold the handbrake properly during braking, which may lead to failure of braking. Do not remove the balance wheel on the children's bicycle at will when buying and using; The chain cover of children's bicycle is essential, no matter what kind of chain cover, should be able to make the child can not easily touch the chain as well, in case the child will stick out the finger to get hurt among them.

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