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What are the advantages of riding a bicycle to the child2020.10.30
Bicycle is the first kind of traffic tools, children learn by manipulating their car to obtain the infinite pleasure, especially mountain bike, it can let the child is closer to nature, and the natural environment is the main source of sensory stimulation, only the natural sound, light, color, taste, shape, body can meet the needs of the development of the child perception! I've always thought, it will be a "first movement" in the cause of the children!
Mountain bikes have much fun, children in all kinds of skills unlock, also let the parents learned how interesting it is to the sport, so, today we are on the mountain bike except for fun, it can bring the children, let us more fully understand the children ride movement;
1. Mountain bike ride can promote our children body the absorption of various elements, namely improve children's physical fitness, but also in the outdoor cycling can let children bathed in sunlight, can promote the growth of bone, on the other hand, follow the coach to go travelling, mountain, a wave of operation will be a large number of calories burned children, prevent obesity, can enhance children's appetite!
2. The mountain bike riding exercise can inspire children's power of observation, ability to learn, we in the outdoor cycling process, can fully contact with the nature, I think the nature is a book, a book we read forever encyclopedia, and cycling in natural environment, more enhance children's thinking ability and agility of thinking!
3. In addition to the above two points, there are two aspects is very heavy, first of all, it can promote the communication ability of children, children now have fewer opportunities to contact with the unfamiliar environment, and in the outdoor cycling, the children have access to the more strange kid and unfamiliar environment, because the common interests of friendship will be more durable, on the other hand, if we can ride together with his mom and dad, the children will ride the more happy, this is the best family interaction time.
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