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How does the bicycle saddle adjust2020.07.02

Bicycle is an economical and environmental friendly means of transportation. Bicycle saddle is an important part of the bicycle, which carries the weight of the rider and affects the riding comfort. The lifespan of saddles in life is not very long, for two reasons: overload and improper adjustment. Improper adjustment causes the rider's center of gravity to be too far forward, which will easily cause the front end of the saddle to be damaged and the support iron to break. By following these adjustments, its life can be greatly extended.

Adjustment method of bicycle saddle:

1. Adjust the adjustable wrench to the appropriate width of your saddle retaining nut.

2. Loosen the nuts on both sides of the saddle with a wrench. Loosen them, not remove them.

3. Move the front of the saddle to the maximum (front end) and make the saddle Angle 1 cm higher than the back end. Tighten the nuts on both sides of the saddle to ensure riding safety.

Matters needing attention

The nuts on both sides of the saddle must be firm to ensure riding safety.


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