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What are the characteristics and applicable age of children's balance car2020.05.21

The balance car mainly exercises the baby's balance ability, which belongs to the baby's first mobility vehicle. Beginners just step on the balance car will appear to be very unstable, but this is a normal phenomenon, because the baby's balance force is weak, so they cannot well control the body balance. The baby needs to land on both feet and slide forward with both legs to exercise the balanced development of the baby's legs.

Children's balance car age applicable

It is suggested that the applicable age is 2-5 years old, and the height is 80cm-120cm. In actual use, the appropriate size of children's balancing car should be selected according to the measurement of height and leg length.

Age 2 +, height 85cm+, leg length 30cm+: it is recommended to buy size M of 8-inch wheel

Age 3 +, height 90cm+, leg length 35cm+: it is recommended to buy a 12-inch tire with standard wheels

Age 3 +, height 95cm+, leg 42cm+: recommended to buy XL size of 12-inch wheel 62*203

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