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What is the history of the children's balance car2020.05.21

Origin of children's balance car:

In the 21st century, German parents who are keen on cycling are beginning to wonder how their children can quickly master the balance and learn to ride bikes so they can enjoy the beautiful scenery together on weekends. At this time, the germans first thought of the great invention of the old ancestors Laufmaschine balance car!

So in the civil people began to modify, make all kinds of small balance cars suitable for children to ride, wood, steel and wood mix, thick wire bending, bike modification, a hundred flowers, but still not enough meaning: some do not fit children's body shape, some are not safe, some are too heavy. In 2003, a German institution in the city of wierfrat and the university of Frankfurt through more than two years of cooperation and research, combined with children's ergonomics to develop an integrated carbon steel frame of the balance car, the basic structure of the balance car for children. To distinguish the Laufmaschine adult balancing car, the germans gave the child balancing car a more vivid German name Laufrad, which means "running wheel". The child balancing car also became a hot style buggy for every child in Germany.

A study from the university of Frankfurt succinctly illustrates the balancing principle of cycling to parents, and shows that children who don't need a chain drive can also ride a balanced bike. Children's balance car can not only exercise children's cycling balance ability, and according to children's age, height, leg length and other child ergonomics data, according to the road conditions to choose the solid EVA tires or inflatable rubber tires, but also according to children's preferences to choose different colors, it can be said that a lot of fun, teaching fun. Because of the choice of majors and the benefits of exercise, Laufrad has rapidly become popular around the world. There are also many English names such as Learner Bike, Balance Bike, Running Bike, etc. In China, there are also Chinese names such as children's Balance Bike, slide Bike, scooter, etc., while children's Balance car is still the most mainstream name.

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