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Standard for children's bicycle2020.02.24

"May 1st standard"

In order to help more parents to buy baby carriages, the world's baby carriage industry's hardcover aircraft carrier sanheshun once again proposed the "51 standard" for the purchase of baby carriages (especially children's bicycles): carry one handle, touch one touch, scratch one scratch, look at one, ride one.

Pick it up: feel and judge the weight of the stroller. The weight of the stroller is mainly determined by the thickness of the steel pipe of the frame. To a certain extent, the heavier and more stable the weight of the stroller is, the safer it is.

Touch the surface: touch the parts that children's hands and legs may touch on the surface of the stroller, whether there are sharp tips, sharp edges and protrusions.

Scraping and painting: scraping and painting with fingernails, whether the surface coating has obvious peeling off phenomenon.

Scraping Decal: scraping Decal with fingernail, whether there is obvious peeling off of surface decal.

Take a look at the enterprise: look at the history, development scale, economic strength and brand personality of the brand, and also consider its market share and product reputation.

Take a look at the components: see whether the chain cover of the stroller covers the outer surface and edge of the chain, sprocket and flywheel, as well as the inner surface of the engagement of the chain and sprocket. If these parts are not covered, the children's fingers can reach into and touch, which may crush the children's fingers and cause injury.

Take a look at the welding points: see whether the surface of the welding points of the stroller is flat, whether there are cracks, burn through or incomplete penetration and other defects.

Ride, feel fit: feel if the size of the stroller is right for your child. In particular, if the size of the brake handle is not suitable, children may not hold the brake handle tightly. When riding, the car can not be braked, which is prone to accidents.

Riding, feel the firmness: feel whether the welding part and saddle part of the stroller have enough supporting force.

Ride a ride, feel flexibility: feel whether the various rotating parts of the stroller operate flexibly.

Ride a ride, feel tightness: feel whether there is relative rotation between the handlebar cover and the horizontal tube. If the combination is not tight, children are prone to accidents due to the slippage of the handlebar when riding bicycles.

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