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Characteristics of children's bicycles2020.02.24
The chain cover of children's bicycles is essential. A disk chain cover or other protective devices shall be installed on children's bicycles with the highest saddle height equal to or greater than 560mm to cover the outer surface of the engagement part of the chain and sprocket. When the chain is fully engaged on the sprocket, the disk chain cover shall exceed the outer side of the chain in the diameter direction. If other protective devices are used instead of the disk chain cover, it shall be covered The range shall be extended to at least 25 mm along the chain from the point where the sprocket teeth initially enter the two sides of the chain. A child bicycle with a maximum height of saddle less than 560mm shall be equipped with a chain cover, which shall cover the outer surface and edge of the chain, sprocket and flywheel, as well as the inner surface of the sprocket and the meshing part of the chain and sprocket, so as to prevent the child's fingers from getting hurt. Because children's bicycles are not used for riding on the road, they must be used under the supervision of adults when using them. Never ride on the road
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