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The meaning and cleaning maintenance of bicycle axle2020.01.13

The center axle is a rotating part which is installed in the frame five way to connect the left and right cranks. General sports car common square hole, spline and integrated 3.

The axis in the square hole is the most common, because both ends are square, so it is easy to identify. It is improved on the basis of the traditional pin type central shaft. Pin type central shaft is locked by a single pin, which is easy to be loose and damaged due to the small contact surface. Now it can only be seen in quite old-fashioned civil vehicles.

Just a few years after the introduction of spline shaft, various manufacturers have launched the concept of integrated shaft and produced it in their high-end series. The so-called integrated type is to separate the axis of the central shaft from the bearing and directly combine it with the crank on one side, while the position of the bearing is moved from the five way to the two sides.

Shaft cleaning and maintenance:

1. Clean the screw teeth on the inner and middle axle of the five way frame, which is an important source of abnormal noise. This part of the gap will hide a lot of small sediment, which requires careful removal of foreign matters with a brush.

2. After scrubbing, apply a little grease. The grease with good waterproof and high viscosity shall be selected as far as possible. The other parts should also be cleaned to make sure that all the sediment is washed away. Apply grease to the axis part, and then install the central shaft and crank back.

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