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Tips and benefits of playing scooter2019.12.24

Learn to play scooter must have a certain sense of balance and healthy physique, too weak and too young children had better not contact this sport too early. Exercise itself is to enhance children's physique, so that children in a happy mood to enhance their sense of balance and physical coordination. It is suggested that children over 3.5 years old can start to learn scooter. Before learning, it is better to have experience of riding tricycle:

1. It is convenient for the baby to master the skills of handlebars to control the steering of the car;

2. After children use scooters, they can quickly master the method of cycling, which is helpful to ride two wheel bikes in the future.

Benefits of scooters:

1. Enhance the baby's sense of balance and promote the overall coordination of the body, waist, arms and legs.

2. According to the characteristics of children, make a scooter exercise plan, from the beginning to the end of the process of failure, so that children become bold, more perseverance.

Suggestion: if you play scooter for a long time, you will have overdeveloped leg muscles, which will affect the overall development of the body, even affect height development. In addition, playing scooter needs a good balance ability. Waist, knee and ankle need to support the body. These parts are very easy to be injured. Therefore, before skiing, you need to do warm-up exercise, and wear knee protection, elbow protection, helmet and other self-defense equipment. When taxiing, the speed should not be too fast, otherwise collision or fall may occur, causing injury.

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