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What are the advantages of scooters over traditional children's bicycles2019.09.15

So what are the advantages of scooters over traditional children's bikes?

1. One of the biggest advantages of the scooter is safety. There is no transmission system. Control of the car is more relaxed and relatively slow. No training wheels, better accessibility and less tripping over foreign objects. It also has the restriction of steering Angle, which makes it safer.

2. The scooter is suitable for children over the age of two, when children have been learning to walk for some time and have a certain foundation of balance ability, which is suitable for further improving their balance skills and coordination. Use the leg to glide, fully train their leg muscles, make the leg heel slender, help grow tall, promote cerebellum development.

3. After mastering the riding skills of scooters, children will become more confident, healthier and more enthusiastic about sports. It's faster to learn traditional bikes later. It is also useful for learning other sports.

4. With the popularity of scooters, there are more and more scooters competitions all over the country. Taking children to participate in such competitions can not only exercise their bodies, but also make them more cheerful and lively, and cultivate their competitive spirit.

5. After children ride for a period of time, the scooter can also play some tricks, but this needs professional guidance, which depends on children's interests.

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