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What are the ways of turning a scooter? Below flying bicycle small make up for everyone to introduce2019.08.08

The ways to turn a skateboard are as follows:

1: the pulley turns mainly depend on your center position. If you lean your weight forward and then shift your foot's weight back, the board lifts up, creating a "turn."

2. If you want to change direction quickly, put your weight on your left (right) foot, raise your right (left) foot slightly, and twist your belt foot. It's a little more difficult, but you have to keep practicing.

3: reverse skills, forward skateboard, make it reach the appropriate speed, the feet as far as possible spread across both ends of the skateboard. Place your weight on the front foot, i.e. the left foot, so that the tail of the board is upturned, while rotating 180 degrees clockwise (backward or outward). If done correctly, turn the board upside down and use your right foot as support.

4:360-degree rotation technique, the hand gently pushes and turns to find the balance in the glide, can swing back and forth, or can circle. Try to keep the board level. When you're ready, swing your arms counterclockwise. While maintaining balance, you can also make one final push and turn to the left. Place your weight on your right foot, swing your arm to the right, and rotate your body. When rotating, the rear wheel is the axis. Try to keep the rear wheels level. Do not lift the front of the plate too high. In fact, you don't have to look at the front of the slide. Simply place the center of gravity on the back of the board and increase the rotation, the front end will naturally lift, and the height is just right.

5. Special technique -- turning

The slider pushes the board forward, then stands on it, straddling the two feet and allowing the left foot to move flexibly. Place the weight on the back of the board, lifting the end an inch or two. When the end of the board is in the air, the body rotates clockwise. When the front wheel hits the ground, the skateboard deflects to the right. Link up the movements and practice them.

6:18 0 degree warping technique

Slide in the process must be the board end up, until the board end scraping the ground. Meanwhile, the whole body rotates 180 degrees clockwise. If the skis are in sync with the spin and the foot is firmly supported, the board will rotate 180 degrees and stop.

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