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How can I prevent the basket from being damaged easily?2019.07.17

How can I prevent the basket from being damaged easily? Xingtai flying bicycle xiaobian for you to answer:

The damage of the basket, most for fixing the basket of the screw is easy to fracture, this is because the fixed point is not moving, and the basket with the road bumps, will shake, so the connection is shaking and fixed intersection, when the basket shaking amplitude is large, this is where the stress concentration of the basket. Easy to damage, of course. Especially the iron basket, most of the joints are first broken. As you can imagine, to break a piece of steel, you have to bend it back and forth and slowly break it. The basket is bad is a truth.


1: fixed screw, the basket itself is rigid, if the screw cementing is very strong, the shaking amplitude is not big, the stress will not be very big.

2: select a good point of the basket, that is, relatively hard, the purpose is the same as the first, reduce the shaking of the basket when the bump. Or directly choose the plastic basket, plastic deformation, the impact on its own structure is small, that is to say the plastic basket can tolerate more shaking amplitude.

3. Try not to ride on bumpy roads. If you can't avoid it, slow down.

4: increase the fixed position, with the first point, this is to reduce the shaking of the basket.

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