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What are the parts for a bicycle? What are the names?2019.06.26

What are the parts for a bicycle? What are the names?

Bicycle parts can be divided into: frame, tire, pedal parts, fork components, chains, flywheel and other categories.

1. Among the 25 accessories of bicycle, such as frame, tire, pedal, brake and chain, one of the basic parts is indispensable. Among them, the frame is the frame of a bicycle, which bears the greatest weight of people and goods. According to the working characteristics of each part, it can be roughly divided into guiding system, driving system and braking system.

2. Basic components: Bicycle bell, bicycle frame, bicycle brakes, bicycle chain lock, bicycle chain box, bicycle chain, sprocket crank bicycle, bicycle dynamo, bicycle, bicycle brake, bicycle outside work instrument transmission flywheels, bicycle fork, bicycle frame, bicycle lock, Shared by China, China - Cycle gloves, bicycle fork, bicycle, bicycle hand brake, bicycle handlebar, bicycle, bicycle wheel brake, bicycle light, bicycle locks, bicycle, bicycle rack pliers, bicycle fender, plastic wheel bicycles, bicycle parts production line, bicycle pedal, on its own Car pump, bicycle rims, bicycles, bicycle saddle insurance fork, bicycle parts, bicycle spokes, bicycle stand, bicycle steel ball, bicycle tire pump, bicycle tire, bicycle tyre, bicycle tyre, tube wind speeder bike, bicycle wrench, riser (to stand), wrap sleeve/strap, front bowl set, brake ducts, car basket, mirrors, wheels, saddle, brake line, the tube, kettle, locks, sprocket crank, support, and chain, after the fork, fork, in addition to the mud, shelves, handlebar, brake the grip, head tube, front fork, gas mouth, spokes, rod, tube, pipe and a pump Foot, transmission, flywheel, outtire, car beat over.

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