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How to use bicycle pump to turn beautiful mouth?2019.06.26

Bicycle pump how to turn your mouth into a beautiful mouth.

First, the bicycle pump with French mouth function conversion method:

Where the pump is connected to the air nozzle is a rubber sleeve with a thick hole at one end for connecting the mouth and a thin hole for connecting the mouth.

1. Turn the rubber sleeve locking screw counterclockwise to remove the rubber sleeve.

2. Rotate the rubber sleeve 180° so that the end with the coarse hole faces outwards.

3. Install the rubber sleeve and tighten the lock screw of the rubber sleeve to change the nozzle state from the normal one to the beautiful one.

Two, using the external method to change the mouth beautiful mouth switch:

1. Buy conversion kits

2. Turn counterclockwise to loosen the anti-leakage screw of the nozzle. Rotate the switch sleeve clockwise on the tip of the tip to inflate the tip tube with a mezzo cylinder.

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