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How does a scooter work?2019.05.27

How does a scooter work?

It is based on the theory of human movement and ingenious mechanical principles, mainly using the body (waist and buttocks), feet wiggle and hand swing to drive forward.

The Bicman is a new type of skateboard after the traditional one. The scooter, which can reach speeds of up to 20km/h, was invented by a German worker and comes from technologically advanced Japan.

As early as three years ago, the scooter has been introduced into our country, but at that time the price was too high, few people were interested in it. Until this time, its price suddenly dropped, coupled with the property owners to step up crazy marketing to make it "popular", it is important to play scooter must have a high degree of savvy and courage, which is in line with the imagination of rich, like the taste of the challenge of teenagers.

Now the scooter has become a new generation of teenagers fashion sports products. Visible, its glamour is not inferior to skateboard.

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