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Choose a child balance car from which aspect2019.04.26

Choose a child balance car from which aspect

Start with the child balance car to see the baby needs, the baby under 3 years old as far as possible is metal, the baby over 3 years old as far as possible is wooden.

1. Body material: wood or metal. Wood is not as strong as metal, but its weight is lighter than metal, especially for small babies.

The metal is mostly high carbon steel, which is stronger than wood and can bear a lot more weight, but heavier than wood. If it is 3 years old above big treasure affirmation is to suggest to buy not woodiness.

2. Wheel material: EVA or inflation

Inflatable wheel: advantages: stronger grip, anti-skid, better shock absorber, looks more dazzling, disadvantages: may be stabbed by sharp objects, weight than Eva

EVA wheel: advantages: solid, will not be punctured, light, disadvantages: shock absorber is poor, the surface is not wear-resistant

Therefore, generally for the baby, light weight, slow sliding speed, it is recommended that the balance car of 10 inches can use EVA wheel; If the baby is over three years old, the strength is greater, the speed is faster, this time with the inflatable wheel should be the best choice (resistance, strong anti-skid, shock absorber)

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